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Delvaux Brillant MM Arsenal

De Delvaux Brillant is een zeer geliefde handtas maar deze Arsenal is wel de topper onder de toppers !

Delvaux verbaasde iedereen met deze prachtige creatie door gebruik te maken van de Arsenal-techniek

Handwerk van de bovenste plank.

Slechts uitgebracht in 2 kleuren licht blauw en hazel.

De lanceringsprijs was 9.500€ maar slechts enkele weken later was de prijs al opgetrokken tot 10.500€

Kleur : Hazel

Geleverd met stofzak,spiegel,certificaat en schouderriem

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I myself am a working mom who also likes beautiful clothes and accessories, because of this I experienced that luxury handbags are extremely expensive.

I searched and found my way to second-hand luxury brands, affordable and in good condition. The search was difficult…. This is how the idea arose to look for luxury brands but as good as new or new.

Without the support of my friend, a strong shoulder under my beautiful project, I would not be where I am now.

Also a big thank you to our sons for fixing some computer problem and to our littlest girl for the feedback.

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